One by David Karp


I came across this book shortly after Jeremy discovered this AMAZING press, Valancourt. He mentioned they had some really interesting gothic fiction (not really my thing...yet) and I was just going through the list half-heartedly when I came across this one. Shortly afterwards I went back to reread the back covers of each and every book we had brought in from Valancourt.
This book is the perfect followup to 1984, or possibly for anyone going through a political awakening. Much like Kafka’s The Trial, this book’s plot stems around the mild-inconvenience of incompetence mixed with the total destruction of one’s life due to bureaucracy. I think it can be read as comedy or as horror, in that way that Mike Judge’s Office Space can after spending a few years temping. It will make you anxious at the potential for this to become our reality, and acts as a fairly good argument for why the complete opposite of totalitarianism isn’t much better.


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