Welcoming our first Gallery Artist, Elise Mullen


The Next Page welcomes Elise Mullen as our first Gallery Artist. You can find her artwork for sale throughout the store, and it will be prominently displayed for three months! Elise is a working artist in Calgary, and some of the pieces in the store feature various Calgary landmarks (such as the 9ave Inglewood bridge, right), as well as pieces from Cuba, Italy, and the Netherlands. Elise also was the brainchild behind the Cheshire Cat found just above our Piano. She is available for commissioned works, and you can contact her via her website


Artist Bio

C. Elise Mullen’s practice is capturing the arrangement of manmade objects and nature in the right light. She is inspired by the everyday urban scene that turns into a piece of art when you are in the right place at the right time. Patterns she looks for are the light reflecting off a wet road, or the negative space of the sky around light posts. Her fascination with light is do to the fact that she was diagnosed with tumid lupus, a photosensitive skin disorder.  She can’t enjoy the suns rays but she loves the art it creates. Her artwork is based off her travel photography from near and far, the inspiration is everywhere!

C. Elise Mullen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).  Her time at ACAD allowed her to explore different mediums like jewellery, ceramic, and find her calling of printmaking and painting. The urban theme started in her first year of being at ACAD making art from past photographs she took while in New York City. Her personality and vision are seen in her paint strokes. She tends to paint quickly because her first instincts are the purest.

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