New or used

the next page currently stocks books that have not previously been owned, we do carry a number of bargain and remainder stock.

What is a remainder book

remainders are printed books that are no longer selling well and whose remaining unsold copies are liquidated by the publisher at greatly reduced prices. ... Copies of remaindered books may be marked by the publisher, distributor, or bookseller to prevent them from being returned.
//taken from wikipedia

can i have an event at next page

please email for all event inquiries.



self-published authors can drop off a reading copy of their book for perusal by one of the store’s owners. books that are deemed to be a good fit for the store, and meet our requirements will be taken on a six month consignment term at split of 60/40 in the author’s favour. After this period, unsold stock will be tucked aside pending pickup by the author for one month. It is the responsibility of the author to pick up unsold books before this period is over, as abandoned books will be donated.

Can i drop off used books

we can act as donation centre for your used books, bring them by in boxes and we will ensure they get to a good home.

Aren’t bookstores a dying breed